Our Services

Our services are built on the most up-to-date research, delivered by compassionate professionals, and supported by an experienced leadership team. Under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, our behavior therapists aspire to unlock the potential of every client with one-on-one individualized ABA (applied behavior analysis) services in exciting center-based environments.


To ensure we are able to work with as many families as possible, we accept a variety of health insurance plans and can assist in customizing a plan that accommodates your needs.

Early Intensive Intervention

Comprehensive, individualized treatment consists of 25-40 hours a week. All treatment services are one-on-one with trained behavior therapists and are under constant supervision by a clinical supervisor. Programs are primarily center-based in our specialized preschool environment. In some cases, treatment can be provided in a combination of home and center sessions.

School-Age Intervention

Programs for children who attend school are provided in the afternoon and usually are 10-15 hours a week. Services continue throughout the summer in this individualized one-on-one model. Our team works collaboratively with schools and other services.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups meet once or twice a week and focus on helping children and youth develop skills in various areas of social and emotional interaction. Our Saturday Social Skills group is for children in grade school (12 and under). We offer a 12-week social skills course for youth 13 - 18 years of age. Groups are subdivided in both categories.

360 Family Services

We offer several wrap-around services to involve the whole family.

Autism Seminars

Offered on a monthly basis on topics relevant to families with children with ASD, such as potty training, sexuality in adolescents and youth with autism and speech therapy for children with autism.

Sibling Socials

Brothers and sisters play an important role in families with children with ASD. Helping children to understand their sibling with autism, learning to play and work with their sibling, and still having a chance to spread their own wings is key to managing the very special sibling relationship.

Parent Education Series

Parents meet once a week for six weeks in a group format lead by one of our highly trained board certified behavior analysts.

Parents Night Out

An evening of childcare offered once a quarter for our clients so parents can enjoy an adult-only worry-free night out.


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